Feathers, Fur, Fleece, Leather, Suede, Rawhide and Wood


Many people ask where we source our materials from before they purchase our products. We fully appreciate and understand why people pose these questions and it goes to show how caring and thoughtful we humans can be regarding animals and nature.


Our Feathers 98% of the time are sourced in accordance within the wildlife and countryside act 1981. They also comply with the natural England General Licence requirements. The other 2% are feathers that have been shed by birds and we gather them on our walks. All our feathers have been frozen, air dried and some have been dyed.


The fur we use is usually rabbit fur and is a by-product of the food chain.


Our Fleece for drum beaters comes from sheep within the UK. We purchase sheared sheep fleece in its raw form and clean it ourselves.


The Leather and Suede we use is usually off cuts from major manufacturers.


The rawhide we use is sourced in the UK. We purchase mainly from other drum makers who produce the rawhide themselves. The hides are a by-product of the food chain or the animal in question died of natural causes.


Most of the wood we purchase is FSC certified.


The sticks we use for Drum beaters, rattles etc have fallen from trees in our local country park.


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