Native American Style English Red Deer Rawhide Rattle Kit





Make your own English Red Deer Rawhide Rattle/Shaker.


Contents of Kit

2 x Pre-Cut English Red Deer Rawhide Shapes with Punched Holes for Lacing

30" Of English Red Deer Rawhide Lacing

1 x Stick from Fallen Tree/Branch (Cleaned-Sanded-Varnished)




Corn (Filling for Sound)


Full Illustrated Instructions Included


You will be required to fill the Rattle with sand or salt for the drying and shaping process which is not included due to weight.


You Will Receive a Kit Similar to the One Shown in the Photos.


We believe there is nothing better then making your own tools so that your intention can be put into them during the crafting process. You may feel like adding extras or changing the rattle filling with beads-stones-shells-crystals. You can wax or paint your own designs on the rawhide and instruction are included if you choose to do so.




Ceremonial – Cleansing – Healing - Decoration


All the Sticks we use are Gifted to us From Our Local Woods.  No Trees are Ever Harmed by Us.  We only Take what has Already fallen from the Trees!



Via Paypal Must be Received Within 72 Hours Unless Pre-arranged.

Free Mainland UK Postage



For Highlands, Islands and Countries Outside of the UK Please Request Postage Costs


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