Pow Wow / Gathering Drum Frames


Our Pow Wow / Gathering drums are made on our premises.


The wood used for the frames is Pine or Red Cedar.


The wood is cut into staves and depending on the size of the frame it can have as many as 24 staves.


We make frames from 20” up to 36” we have made bigger but prefer to keep between these sizes for transportation.


The depth of the frame can be anything between 8” and 15”


Inside the larger frames we do a cross of two lengths of wooden dowel to strengthen the frame.


We sand all over the frame to give a smooth finish and smooth over the outer edges of the frame.


We then put a finish of ours or the customers’ choice on the frame.


We add 4 rope handles to the frame unless requested not to by our customers.



Drum Stands


We can also supply drum stands to fit your drum frame (only if it has handles).


These are usually made from CLS timber and can be made to a height of your choice.


If wanting to sit around the drum to play the usual size is around 18”.-.20”


If wanting to stand around the drum the usual size is around 30”.-.32”


The Stands can be folded for transportation.


We only keep a very limited stock of Pow Wow frames and stands in the larger styles due to storage.


Feel free to contact us for sizes in stock or for us to make you one to your own specifications.








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