Welcome to Native Echoes Shop


We believe in quality products and all our items whether it is drums or smudging feathers are made with respect and honour for the products that we use.


Most of our items have been handcrafted and are either made by us, Tracey and Debbie at Native Echoes or sourced from fair-trade suppliers.


All the drum frames that we sell are handcrafted in our workshop and the hides used are locally sourced.


We honour the trees for their wood and show honour and respect for the animal used.


We are more than happy to work with you as an individual or in a group to construct your own drum so that your own intent and spirit can be placed into your drum.


For us at Native Echoes we do not mass produce our items and we allow each item the love and honour it deserves from the very beginning to the completed product.


Each drum that is made is different, the frames have different markings, the skins tell their own story and the sound of each drum produces its own song.


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