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Our Sanctuary


Our Sanctuary is at the End of our garden and is surrounded by trees from adjoining gardens. The sanctuary is a 13ft x 15ft fully insulated wooden structure. Inside there is a trunk from a living pine tree which has been named Bartholomew, he loves a hug and is very grounding. The inside of the sanctuary is carpeted with full electrics and electric heating for the colder months. It has seating for 10 people to sit comfortably but we have had 20 people for special one off events. The atmosphere inside the sanctuary is very calming and a lovely space to meditate and journey in.


Our Garden


Outside the sanctuary we have a small fenced off garden 18ft x 14ft with a planted border area where many of our beloved pets over the years have come to rest. We now after unsuccessfully over the years having tried turf-bark-slate in the garden have laid artificial grass (which we wish we had done years ago). In this area we have our fire pit which is lit for ceremonies - drum birthing - drum circles and other events throughout the year.


Main Walk Through


When we hold any classes-events and workshops people enter through the gate at the side of our house. There is a 60ft shingled garden that you have to walk along to get to the sanctuary.




We have two workshops on our property where we make a lot of our products that we sell on our website and on our Ebay store. In the nicer weather we do as much outside as possible.




There are toilet facilities next to our main workshop.




We are animal lovers and you will sometimes be greeted by our German Shepherd (Shadow) and Long haired Husky (Spirit). Please inform us if you are attending one of our events and are wary of dogs.


We also have five cats who at times like to have a nosey around and be part of the action. Again if you are attending one of our events and are allergic or wary of cats we will do our utmost to keep them away from you.




There is off road parking for two cars on our driveway and two cars can park on the road in front of our property. You will find spaces to park along our road most days/evenings and you do not require a permit. For your own sake do not park on the yellow lines as the wardens do target the area frequently.

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