We offer many forms of healing from our sanctuary.


In most of our healing sessions we work as a pair bringing in different aspects of healing at the same time. We both have our own healing guides who work independently or together so while one of us is using drums - rattles etc the other may be doing hands on healing - chanting or using different tools.


In all our healing sessions we are guided by what we use or do and no two sessions are the same.


We trust in our guides to give the patient/client the healing that is needed. We also use our own intuition and if we sense/feel or are given anything to say we will pass this on to you; how you use this information will be up to you.


We are not Doctors so we will not give you advice on medications or ailments that only a fully qualified physician has the knowledge to do.

The various healing we offer includes:


Shamanic, Sound healing through the use of Drums, Rattles, Singing Bowls and Voice, Medicine Wheel and Reiki healing.


All sessions are a minimum of 1 hour

Price £25.00


Contact us for available Dates & Times