Gifts from the Woods

Most of the wood used to make our drum beaters, rattle handles, wands, staffs etc come to us while walking in nature. No trees are ever harmed by us as we only take home to our sacred space what has been offered to us.


Some days we come home with armfuls of offerings and some days just a twig that has stood out and we have felt it needed a forever home with us on our altar.


Two days are never the same when walking in nature, what might be there today would usually be gone by tomorrow and vice versa.


Some of the branches we collect have been ravaged by time, they have survived hot summers and harsh winters, been lived in by insects or pecked at by birds, and each one has a story to tell and knowledge to impart.


We love it when we get offered a branch or stick that you can see has fought to survive and grow, seeing the twists in the wood where other vegetation has clung on for dear life and tried to strangle the branch...but it continued to grow no matter how hard this vegetation had a hold on it, and left its imprint for us to share.


The branches and sticks we collect on our travels we give thanks for, we give offerings back in return. Sometimes we spread seeds, sometimes we take food for the birds and we offer beer to the trees at celebratory times.


All our branches and sticks are left to season and dry before becoming whatever we are led to use it for. Some of the branches we collect have to be cut to the size required and is done with good intention, some of the sticks we collect have to be cleaned to remove moss, dirt, debris and sometimes have its remaining bark taken off or sanded so not to cause splinters, whatever we do we know the wood from the trees are happy to be of use instead of rotting where they have fallen.


The walks we take in nature have many trees and we would be lying if we said we knew every tree that a particular stick or branch came from. We collect the offerings of the trees for the beauty and knowledge they hold, we believe every tree has many things to offer and when picking a stick to make one of the items we craft we are guided to that stick by our intuition.