Story to Flute Making 

Our biggest challenge to date has been mastering the art of flute making; it has taken us over a year of painstaking determination to be finally able to say “Yes we’ve done it!”


It all started back in early 2012, we had mastered the drum making, the rattle making, rain stick making, medicine bag making, smudging feather, feather wand making, dream catcher making and we were wondering what we could do next?.....You’ve guessed it, Make a Flute!


We searched the internet for instructions and found some very good information from people who have been making flutes for years...but they were leaving out some very important information.....Measurements!!!!!


We where then led to a Native American Flute Maker who put us on the right track in many aspects and from there Native Echoes Flutes were born...and thrown in the wood pile for burning....Where were we going wrong....again it was all down to measurements.


So....taking all the information we could glean we started to compile our own step by step methods and measurements, writing everything down, thickness of wood, dimensions, converting measurements from inches to millimetres, changing American measurements to English.


Another thing we hadn’t taken into consideration was temperatures, realising eventually it changes the pitch of the flute as the wood swells and contracts and the breath from blowing into the flute also affected its tone.


Hey presto.....We now make flutes to our measurements and they are spot on 99% of the time, we still have the occasional slip up, after all we are only human......What next?


Watch this space we are going to attempt Drone Flutes!!!



June 2013 - We have now managed to create 2 Drone Flutes...and they work!!!


January 2015 - We now have Drone Flutes available for sale.  Check out our Videos to see and hear them!


2015 - We now sell Flute Making Kits with illustrated instructions.


2017 - This year we will be introducing a variety of Flute Making Kits to suit everyones woodworking skills. Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. We will also include video instructions.