Eureka Moment


As mentioned in our 'About Us' Debbie and I became partners in 2004.


Unbeknownst to both of us at that time of meeting, we had both walked the spiritual path for many years. By chance the subject came up and over time we were led to open a Sanctuary in Colchester, Essex. The aim being, helping others to explore their Spiritual Awakenings.


Throughout this time Debbie had a great love of all things Native American and Shamanic, which I hasten to add, I took an interest in but wasn’t drawn deeply to explore further at the time.


I was told many times by my Guides I would explore this when the time was right but I couldn’t see it happening and wasn’t expecting the way it happened...


For many years while Debbie is sleeping she talks, but in a language which I couldn’t understand! Trying to write what she was saying was hard except for the occasional word that might make sense. We tried voice recorders and all it picked up was my snoring.


I got used to her ramblings over the years and started to sleep through them, that was "Until the Chanting began!" The first time it happened it frightened the life out of me and the dogs.


At the start of 2011 along with the chanting came my visions of dancing around a fire dressed in Native American ceremonial clothing. I was sensing what Debbie was doing from then on throughout all the talking in foreign tongue and chanting, I was having a fantastic time joining in the nightly experiences.


On waking I was straight on the computer to check things out, trying to make sense of what I saw and heard.


It finally dawned on me....this was my "Eureka" moment and I realised for all these years I had been ignoring the work of spirit, but thankfully they never gave up on me and they had drawn me to the thing that has brought me to where I am now and the birth of Native Echoes.


The talking and chanting when Debbie sleeps is a very rare occasion now and only happens when a message needs to be given.