Drum Frames


All the drum frames we sell are made by us "Native Echoes" and we purchase our wood for the frames from an Essex based wood Merchant who sources various woods from all over the world.


We often spend a few hours choosing the wood and picking out the pieces best suited for our needs (good job our wood merchant is patient).


The woods we use are: American Maple, Western Red Cedar, Mahogany and Pine.


We make the frames from our property (sacred space).


The most popular of the hand drum frames we make are 12 sided and either 12”, 15” or 18” diameter.


We also make 8 sided, 10 sided, 13 sided and 16 sided hand drum frames and have made some as small as 7” – 8”.


We also make Pow Wow Frames 20” up to 36” usually we carry a limited stock of these because of storage. (Frames over 26" have to be collected)


We can also supply Stands for Pow Wow frames, they are made to suit each individual drum frame.


Below is a selection of the drum frames we produce. We normally have some 12", 15" and 18" in stock, other sizes can be made to order.

We will soon be listing a selection of the frames we have available along with prices.

You will be able to purchase directly and securely from here using Paypal


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