Drum Birthing Kit

Available in 3 sizes

18 inch SOLD OUT  15 inch SOLD OUT

Watch this space for when new stock is available!


12 inch Diametre STILL AVAILABLE


Crafted using American Western Red Cedar


7cm Deep x 2cm Thick 


Shaped, Sanded and a Clear Polyurethane Finish Applied


Red Stag Rawhide Drumhead and Lacing


Drum Beater Specifics


Length of Fallen Branch from our local woods

Cleaned & Coated with a clear varnish


A ball of Raw Sheep fleece


A round of Suede/leather


Artificial Sinew


A small length of Suede/Leather for Decoration


Full illustrated instructions for birthing your drum and creating your drum beater


Tools required for making up this kit:





Hole Punch/Large Nail


Glue (for beater)

Herbs (optional)

Our 15 inch and 18 inch drum kits are SOLD OUT we will advise when back in stock!




Includes Free Mainland UK Postage


Highlands & Islands and other countries please contact us for shipping costs.

All our kits are made in ceremony thanking the Deer for its Hide and the trees for the wood used in the frame and the beater handle.


The Hide has been soaked prior to you receiving it in fresh water and White Sage (to enable us to cut out the lacing and drum head). You will receive the Rawhide after it has been dried out again. You will be required to soak it for a few days prior to you birthing the drum.


We are always at the end of the phone or via email to help with any inquiries you have or if you need some advice in the birthing of your drum.


Why not make a day of it with friends and have a drum birthing day!


We offer excellent discounts for multiple purchases!!!

Please contact us with your requirements.





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