Drum Making Process

At Native Echoes we take care and give love and thanks for every drum we make be it a 12” Hand Drum up to a 26” Pow Wow / Gathering Drum. We do not make more than one drum at a time so that all our attention can be given to each one individually and blessed each step of the way.


The rawhide is chosen for the drum we have been guided to make and will be soaked in water for anything from 2 days to a week, we change the water daily. On the day before making the drum the rawhide will be transferred to another container and filled with natural spring water. It will contain a mixture of herbs that we have been guided to use, we then leave the rawhide for up to 24 hours being blessed and cleansed.


While this process is on-going we will choose a frame from the many which have been made in our workshop and will be guided on what finish the frame will have.  It could be red cedar, plain pine, varnished, stained, oiled or waxed and we will have this ready for the drum making day.


On the day of drum making we will bless our space, our tools and ourselves and give thanks for the guidance we receive.


We will have a ceremony/blessing for the animal who gave their skin and for the trees for the wood used to make the frame.


We cut the desired amount of rawhide to fit the frame and cut out the lacing for attaching to the drum head and making the handle. The holes are then punched into the rawhide drum head. When the drum head has been attached to the frame we then follow our heart in choosing the lacing design to be used.


When the drum is complete we have another blessing to welcome the drum into the world.


The drum is then left for anything up to five days to dry fully before hearing the drums voice.


The drums we have for sale have not been ceremonially named as we feel this is a personal experience for the buyer, however if you would like us to do this prior to purchasing we will do this for you with a ceremony around a fire pit.


If you live close enough to us you are welcome to attend and take part in the ceremony.

(There is no charge for the ceremony).