About Us


We are Debbie aka Sky Cloud Dancing and Tracey aka Turquoise Flame and have been walking a spiritual path for well over 20 years.

We run Spiritual/Shamanic Development Classes and run Native American style workshops.

For the last few years we have become more drawn to the Shamanic and Native American ways.

This site Native Echoes is a testament to how far we have travelled on this path and we hope you enjoy browsing through some of the articles which will be popping up on this site as time goes by.

If you feel drawn to a Shamanic pathway we run a variety of courses throughout the year.  They can be tailored to your individual needs and arranged for dates suitable to you.

We strongly believe that making your own shamanic tools gives you a better connection with them as they are filled with the love, intention and spirit of the maker.


Why not pop along to one of our workshops which run throughout the year or a date can be arranged to suit you.

We also provide various types of Healing including Shamanic Healing, Sound Healing using Drums and Rattles, Singing Bowls and Voice, Medicine Wheel Healing and Reiki.

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